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Restaurant Application Development

Restaurant mobile app development is the way by which offerings of restaurants can be brought online. Orders can be placed online and food items can be delivered at doorstep of customer's home. Even if a restaurant is not willing to enter app based food ordering and delivery business, it can do a lot with a dedicated restaurant app. It can make things easy for both restaurant owners and customers

Globalsoft1 offers a complete range of mobile app solutions that fit any sort of restaurant mobile app development. Apps created by us help owners of restaurants, cafes, bar, and clubs attract more customers and increase the table reservation. We are able to create and customize every possible feature in an app that increases the customer engagement with restaurants.

Here are the top of the features that can be added to a restaurant, hotels, cafe, bar, and club apps

Help customers easily buy with loyalty program

help customers

Restaurants can deploy mobile apps to help customers making purchasing of various items with an easy. Take the example of a customer who is willing to buy four cups of coffee for his friend. If he has loyalty program card, he will have to punch it but with an app of the restaurant, the task can become further easier. Customers will also need to track things manually because the app can take care of it. The app also record purchase and customers can be informed once the qualifying amount is achieved.

Quickly inform about offers through push notifications

quick information

Customers love to have information about latest new and specials, and restaurant can pass on it trough push notification feature in heir app. The app can allow restaurants to update like “Celebrating out 5 years in business this month! Get free sales with any every purchase of dinner”. It is an easy way to quickly send messes to user and notify them that you are currently serving foods with offers or discounts.

Online Mobile Food Ordering

online food ordering

A new trend is starting off - ordering food online and getting it delivered at any address. With dedicated restaurant mobile application development, entire menu can be brought online. A mobile restaurant app allows ordering variety of meals online and increase sales. Customers can downloaded these apps from app stores, browse menus, add the items to kart and then place orders online. The app gives pretty good reasons to be used by customers. First, they can give all due time in selecting items and adding them to the kart. They have whole menu just a few clicks away and once they finalize items, the order can be placed online. They can also pay for order and track the delivery right from the app. Mobile ordering app allows restaurants to easily up-sell side dishes and dessert which can increase average order size and ultimately boost profits.

Mobile Dinner Order

order online food

Servers in your restaurant may be busy in taking orders of customers but an app for reserving dinner can really be more efficient. If diners are able to place order using mobile device, they will not need to wait for being attended by servers. In other case, customers can book schedule and cancel their own reservation without calling or visiting the restaurant. A mobile dinner ordering apps of course put the restaurant in win-win situation.

GPS Coupons

App having geo-fencing feature will update customers whenever they enter certain areas. Most of the smartphones do have geo-location sensors which can detect the location of users. With geo-fencing feature, the devices can be targeted to send instant messages having coupons of special offers and discounts.

Social Sharing

With app it’s easy go social. Yes, a single tap can allow customers to pass on your social-sharing to other users of a social community. Developers can integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram buttons to during the restaurant mobile application development to encourage customers sharing the experience to their connection on social sites.

Few More Advantages Of Apps for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Clubs:

Convenience Easy syncing Easy booking
Online customization Menu customization Easy customer care
Easy feedback Easy directions Informing about the business hours
Managemnt of orders Build brand value Marketing Tool

Do you need more information about restaurant apps? Please drop your enquiry on [email protected]. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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