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Real Estate Mobile App Development

Mobile apps allow people to interactively search for properties. Because smartphones and tablet have already outnumbered PCs, today's most of the online searches for property are being performed through smart devices. It's a big shift and is taking place right under our nose.

Globalsoft1 helps real estate companies go mobile. Mobile technology experts at Globalsoft1 Technology are able to create desired interactivity to encourage users explore the best possible results out of their searches with minimum efforts in very less time. Our mobile app developers are able to implement such solutions that aid real estate companies control their content without compromising on user-experience.

Here are the best of the features that can be added to a real esate mobile apps

Use it as a direct marketing channel

direct marketing

The very first use of a real estate mobile app is that you give your customers a direct channel to reach you. An app can be integrated with messaging, chatting, emailing, etc features to allow customers directly contacting you.

Stay connected with customers 24/7

connected 27X7 real estate

The whole world is connected and so your real estate business too requires. By dedicated real estate mobile app development you become available to your customers rought the clock which ultimately results in more opportunities.

Build your brands, easily

brand creation

An app can offer desired exposure to your real estate compnay. By app you can position your compnay/brand in market with little efforts. For example, if you have an Android app for real estate agency, you become available for one of largest mobile audience bases over the world.

Showcase property listings and inventories with detail visuals

property listing

Use an app to showcase property listings and inventories through an innovative ways. You can add details through text, image, video, audio, 3D-viewing, slides etc.

Power your customers with geolocation

geo location real estate

Let your app help customers use the power of geolocation. Let them discover the localities around your site. Let them search nearby markets, schools, hospitals and other amentias near the real estate location. Let them reach directly to the location. Geo-location enabled app can add a lot of value to your real estate business.

Ultimately, capture more leads

real estate leads

When you have a real estate app with above mentioned feature, there is now doubt you will face any short of inquiries.

Globalsoft1 presents a real estate mobile app as a dynamic selling tool that users can use from the comfort of their couch. With mobile apps, real-estate clients can virtually put themselves into the middle of a property and explore it without physically visiting it.

We supply the "wow factor" that delivers experience beyond traditional channels such as websites or other forms of advertisements. Our innovative solutions, laden with sophisticated technologies, increase quality of rendered information and enhance end-user experience. This is rather important in real estate industry where properly highlighted features have been key to generate sales.

Apart from local customers, our apps can connect real estate companies to foreign buyers in their languages, currencies and measurements. We are able to implement GPS so that the app can lead your clients directly to the project-location. We have experience in developing apps where a dealer can demonstrate a property through audio/video streaming to his clients without having the client to visit the property physically. We are in fact able to provide everything in an app that is the demand of a case.

For more information and examples to our best of the real estate mobile apps implementations, please drop your enquiry on [email protected]. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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