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J2EE - the community driven-enterprise grade technology, also known as Java EE - has contributed a lot to global business world. Supported by industry experts and enterprises, Java EE Application development has been one of most sought after technologies for almost all sorts of enterprise software. As a feature-rich software platform, it lets a web application development to be marvelous in all related aspects like design, development and implementation. Today, with a dedicated Java web application development, creating high-end, high-quality solutions for a wide range of industries isn't difficult thing. All it takes the knowledge and assistance of experts.

Java EE application development experts at Rapidsoft Technologies have been creating server side applications based on Java application servers such as jBoss, Tomcat, etc since the inception of the company. Our Java web application development experts build a wide range of software with help of various technologies like Hibernate, Spring, etc and with the use of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).

In a Java web application development our programmers are able to integrate various databases as required by clients. Names to some of those databases are MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

Currently Java EE technology offers full-fledged enterprise application platform as well as more than 20 compliant Java EE 6 implementations to choose from.

Here are some advantages of Java EE

  • As a set of standard specifications, Java EE is a vendor-independent technology. Generally, there are several implementations exist for a specification.
  • The major advantage of choosing Java EE over others is sustainability. And the reason is simple to understand - the technology is supported by several players.
  • It has complete web support. Java EE technology provides a framework for developing and implementing Java based rich-featured web platforms.
  • Because it uses containers to simplify development, developers can quickly deliver solutions.

Rapidsoft Technologies has carved a special niche in the global web software industry by delivering a customer-centric range of scalable, business-oriented Java web application development services. We have served clients from diverse business verticals such as e-commerce, banking, real estate, finance, entertainment, etc.

Our Java web application development professionals apply the best of the logics and follow innovative approaches to create an all-inclusive set of scalable and robust Java web applications.

Rapidsoft Technologies has always been capable of making the best use of open source technologies & tools like Java EE. We also supports LAMP stack that is used in web server development using Linux, PHP and MySQL. Our Java web application development programmers are also able to use a lot of standard Java libraries when it comes to server application development.

We have some extra capabilities for designing, developing, and deploying open-source technology based apps in the cloud with use of Amazon EC2, cloud services as well as Google apps. Apart from this, our Java web development experts also provide CMS support using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and so on. We are well-experienced in open source tools and environment such as Eclipse, Neteans, etc. We also have thorough expertise in open-source libraries.

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