Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

When it comes to mobile application development, businesses can set themselves free from platform dependencies if they go mobile through the way of cross-platform mobile application development. Often budget and time constraints are the major causes of restricting a business to a single platform, but cross-platform mobile application development is the ultimate solution. These apps are powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and rich experience of mobile application developers adds native look & feel to them.

Rapidsoft Technologies, a US based cross-platform mobile application development company knows how to merge native and web technologies to develop cross platform mobile software. We at Rapidsoft Technologies offer the best of the cross platform mobile application development solutions to help businesses quickly and economically go mobile. With the use of a single codebase, we are able to implement it to multiple mobile and web platforms.

Top advantages of cross-platform mobile application development:

Minimum investment, quicker development

Tons of plug-ins simplifying the development process

Trouble-free coding technique offering an ease to developer

Enterprise and cloud service supports

The approach followed by Rapidsoft Technologies:

  • Creating the research-based cross-platform application development strategy by understanding the requirements of clients.
  • Interacting with clients during the research phase and developing the idea according to the feasibility of available technologies.
  • Assessing the on-hand infrastructure to realize the idea into reality.
  • Propelling the development with full pace regardless of the type or size of the project.
  • Passing the end-product through rigorous testing phases to ensure its free from bugs.

We utilize following frameworks / tools / technologies in cross platform mobile application development.

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PhoneGap / Cordova

PhoneGap/Cordova is one of the most popular frameworks among developers building cross-platform mobile apps. In spite of being based on the web-standard technologies including HTML, Java and CSS, PhoneGap provides great support in building apps with native features.

Cross Platform Mobile Application DevelopmentLooking at the rising trend of cross-platform mobile apps, Rapidsoft added PhoneGap based mobile application development expertise to its service-range. So far at Rapidsoft Technologies, hundreds of PhoneGap based Cross Platform Mobile Application Development projects have taken place. Also using PhoneGap framework, developers at Rapidsoft Technologies are able to build cross-platform apps with native look and feel. Apps developed at Rapidsoft strictly adhere to the Terms & Conditions of any app store.

The PhoneGap based apps developed by our developers use almost all mobile-device features like Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Contacts File, Geo-location, Media, Network, Notification (Alert, Sound and Vibration) and Storage.

The framework comes with Xamarin.Forms which let developers use portable control subsets are mapped to native control of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Also, Xamarin has better security feature to storing data, particular enterprise data.


Xamarin has eventually turned a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework. Based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA), Xamarin has become a preferred framework for iOS, Android and Windows app development.

Cross Platform Mobile Application DevelopmentThe cross-platform mobile app development trend is growing day by day and Xamarin is emerging as one of the ways to get to it interactively. Xamarin is based on C# programming technology and can be used in the cross-platform mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows. Xamarin apps are built with native UI and APIs to deliver better performance. These apps share single codebase across all platforms. There are a number of benefits of using Xamarin framework such as 90% of code can be reused which means there is little work required to do when it comes to launching an app on multiple platforms. It now has support for Portable Class Libraries which aids developer to rapidly code an app.

The framework comes with Xamarin.Forms which lets developers use portable control subsets that are mapped to native control of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Also, Xamarin has better security features to storing data, particularly enterprise data.

Rapidsoft is an expert Xamarin mobile app development company. At Rapidsoft, we are able to pass on every advantage of Xamarin framework to apps. We have expert team and thorough expertise in development of apps based on Xamarin technology.


Node.js is a widely applied, open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment to create server-side web apps for a variety of tasks. It’s just the perfect answer for scalable mobile web applications.

Cross Platform Mobile Application DevelopmentMany globally recognized companies like PayPal, Dow Jones, Uber and HP have used Node.js in their applications. By using JavaScript with Node.js developers are able to create efficient web processes and servers. It provides support to OS X, Windows NonStop and Unix servers in order to create scalable exchanges of data. It’s rather scalable in comparison of PHP which breaks down because of dealing with tons of requests. Here, node.js effortlessly scales itself due to its module-based system. This helps in lowering the cost of development as there is no need of investing in more servers.

Also, Node.js is widely used technologies in the development of highly scalable network and applications with real-time features. It is seen utmost powerful in handling apps related to large and dynamic database.

At Rapidsoft, we have developers with thorough experience in Node.js. They are able to device a wide range of solutions, even with feature of handling large volume of traffic.

Titanium Appcelerator

Appcelerator and Titanium are the cutting-edge platforms to build apps for multiple mobile operating systems at once. They offer the easiest ways to create, deliver, and analyze cloud-connected native apps.

AppceleratorMobile developers around the world are nowadays employing Appcelerator to create, implement and promote their mobile apps. Appcelerator is a software development kit for building native, hybrid and mobile web based apps. Because it is a cross-platform tool, mobile developers just need to build a single code base for all the platforms.

Rapidsoft Technologies is market's leading Appcelerator mobile app developer. We are also well-experienced in Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) and Titanium Cloud Services (TCS). We are in fact experienced in all platforms, SDK's and tools that are provided by Appcelerator. Our mobile developers are also well-experienced in both the approaches – self-titled Appcelerator Platform and Titanium – to build mobile app.

Our experts have rich-experience in most of the Appcelerator tools and platforms such as Appcelerator Dashboard, Appcelerator Studio, Appcelerator Alloy, Appcelerator Cloud pre-built services, Appcelerator Cloud custom services, Appcelerator Test, Appcelerator Analytics, Appcelerator Performance Management, and so on.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a powerful JavaScript framework and the keystone of Sencha HTML5 platform. Sencha Touch framework allows mobile app developers narrow the gap between web apps and native apps.

Sencha TouchWe at Rapidsoft Technologies are also proficient in Sencha Touch, the user interface JavaScript library. Sencha Touch lets us make a web technology based app to look and feel like a native app. Powered by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards, Sencha Touch based apps designed by Rapidsoft Technologies have beautiful user interface components with rich data management features. We design, develop and deploy these apps for Android and iOS devices. These are essentially web apps, but in the native wrappers to be published in mobile app stores like Google Play and App Store.

With this best of frameworks, Rapidsoft Technologies can devise apps with world-class user-experience. Developers at Rapidsoft Technologies can replicate most of the User Interface features with utmost perfection. They can handle almost all sorts of web application projects that require replicating complex native app features and functions.

Rapidsoft Technologies can imagine wild and realize it without any obstacle using Sentcha Touch framework. Our clients can dream of whatever they want to see in their app because we have way and knowhow of how Sencha framework can be utilized to turn their dream into reality. Sencha offers a rich set of UI controls, built-in icons, theme-support, data package, MVC support and a lot of others things.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is slowly but steadily carving its niche in mobile application development industry. Developers are using it as a quick and simple development tool for building mobile games based on Android and iOS platforms.

Corona SDKRapidsoft Technologies has programmers who are expert in Corona SDK. They are well-experienced in this tool and know the best of the uses of its graphics and animation engine to fully leverage OpenGL hardware acceleration.

We at Rapidsoft suggest clients to go with Corona SDK if they are looking for quick implementation of mobile apps. Our expert use Corona Software Development Kit to speedily create iPhone and Android apps without working on C/Cocoa and C++.

So far with using the single code base, Corona SDK mobile application developers at Rapidsoft Technologies have built almost all sorts of apps for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook. They know how to use Corona platform which is built based on ongoing industry standards like OpenGL, Box2D, SQLite and OpenGL2.0, and can add cinematic effects with the end-product.


HTML5 is the new web standard. It's ultrafast and gets implemented cost-effectively. It's the future of modern web. It makes the impossible possible. The most amazing trait of HTML5 is - it supports mobiles.

HTML5Mobile application development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Every industry vertical is now touched by mobile application development technology. Software developers around the world are nowadays majorly focusing on mobile platform and pushing businesses to get mobile. Even web development industry is focusing on mobile platforms. Web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, JQuery, etc are being worked out to be compatible with mobile platforms.

Rapidsoft Technologies is a leading mobile app developer. The company provides an inclusive range of mobile application development solutions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada and many others. HTML5 development services provided by Rapidsoft are generally focused on mobile apps which are half web and half native. The better term for this sort of app is hybrid. HTML5 is the major markup language when it comes to web application development or hybrid application development for mobile platform.

JQuery Mobile

JQuery mobile is a speedy technology to build user interface for mobile web apps. Apps coded using JQuery Mobile practically supports any web-enabled device.

JQuery MobileRapidsoft Technologies has also added JQuery Mobile based application development to its service cart. JQuery Mobile is a HTML5-centric user interface system that supports all the mobile platforms in trend. Its foundation is made of JQuery and JQuery UI that makes the code generated using it, light in weight. Also, the design remains theme-able with features like progressive enhancement and flexibility.

Rapidsoft Technologies has discovered JQuery Mobile framework as a serious tool for cross-platform compatible mobile application development. Developers are aware of the mantra of JQuery Mobile "write less, do more" and apply the same in their mobile web development based on this platform.

With JQuery Mobile framework, our mobile developers design a single website or app that can work on all the platforms in trend. Even desktop platforms can be covered by JQuery Mobile framework. With using this framework, mobile developers at Rapidsoft Technologies are able to build apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, WebOS, Symbian, MeeGo and lots of others.

RhoMobile SDK

Motorola Solution's RhoMobile Suite offers a powerful set of tools which can easily mobilize business based software development ideas for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. With this SDK, there is indeed no need of considering the technology a business wants.

RhoMobileRhoMobile SDK is another evolution in mobile application development and we are one of its parts by providing mobile solutions built using this software development kit. Rapidsoft Technologies has evolved into an expert mobile app developer with the use of RhoMobile Software Development Kit. This SDK helps our developers cut great time & money invested in creating multiple versions of an application.

Rapidsoft's mobile app developers are well-experienced in the entire RhoMobile Suite that includes Rhodes, RhoConnect, RhoHub and RhoStudio and RhoGallery. With the knowledge of above RhoMobile suite elements, our clients just do not need to worry about device types, screen resolutions, and operating systems. RhoMobile Suite provides the best of support to all the mobile devices in use and developers can fully control application-behavior.

Applications built using RhoMobile Suite are OS-agnostic, supporting both enterprise level and consumer level operating systems. It allows us to write, integrate, implement and manage apps that work across mobile platforms.

Our mobile application developers are also experts in RhoElements that is a powerful development framework based on HTML5. HTML5 based apps built using RhoElements support all the popular platform such as Android®, Apple® iOS Phone Series, Windows® Embedded Handheld, Windows® CE, Windows® and BlackBerry®.

If you are looking for any sort of consultation, solution, service and product based on cross platform frameworks / technologies like PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator, Sencha Touch, Corona SDK, RhoMobile, as well as HTML / JQuery Mobile, you can contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry at [email protected]. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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