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BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry has always been the number one choice of executives from corporate and business world. BlackBerry smartphones let users consistently meet organizational needs. So, if a business has its executives, partners, and customers on this platform, it will certainly need high-quality applications to deliver better user-experience.

Rapidsoft Technologies a US based BlackBerry App Development Company renders an inclusive range of BlackBerry business solutions. Our BlackBerry application developers are capable of harnessing the level best potential of Mobile Data System (MDS) and Java Micro Edition (J2ME). Rapidsoft's mobile app designers, developers and implementers, with their thoroughgoing expertness, are competent enough in finishing up scalable, robust and feature-rich BlackBerry application development projects.

So far we at Rapidsoft Technologies have concluded hundreds of BlackBerry applications mainly focused on enterprise mobility. Our enhanced solutions let organizations implement effective means of interaction to their business-environments. We understand BlackBerry platform more than merging BB messenger or mail with an app. It is an ecosystem with plenty of operational services for conceiving and concluding apps for CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory Management, Order Entry and Managing, Intranet Access and so on.

Our BlackBerry application development team provides dedicated, focused and technically advanced BlackBerry application development services to fit business needs of clients. They have the best of the knowledge of BB OS, web-kit browser, HTML, BB Technical Architecture, quality approval process and validation. With our most gifted BB developers, we are able to devise apps for a number of screen sizes, OS versions and resolutions. They are well-experienced with all the BlackBerry technologies such as software development kit, Java development kit, BlackBerry Enterprise server, run-time APIs and so on.

Apart from this, our developers are also well-experienced in integrating Google Maps and GPS with BlackBerry apps. They have also professionally deployed BB apps for a variety of requirements such as sales force automation, field force automation, enterprise operations, business based social networking, etc.

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The programmers at Rapidsoft Technologies are well-experienced in recently launched BB10 OS which is based on QNX. They know how the features of this new OS, including Gestures, Time Shift Camera, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Balance, Android Player and Voice Control can be used in BlackBerry app developments.

They can build ideal apps for all kinds of BB platform based computing requirements. Our team of developers allows you to easily interface online and offline business processes on RIM's mobile platform. They create the best of the logics for all your business process and smoothly execute the entire project.

BlackBerry App development in India

India is the most reasonable market for getting any sort of mobile app developed including Blackberry apps too. Here in India, Rapidsoft is the leading mobile app developer, offering a complete range of BlackBerry app development services and allied solutions.

We at Rapidsoft Technology offer our dedicated, technical excellence in BlackBerry application development and are able to device mobile apps for the entire suit of BB including, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Storm, and BlackBerry Pearle. Our BlackBerry developers have been building apps for following domains:

M-Commerce, shopping, goods buying and purchasing apps

Banking and finance management applications

Entertainment, gaming, streaming music and video apps

News, information, local search, online magazine apps

Location, direction, GPS tracking, road maps apps

Social, friendship, dating, matrimonial apps

Productivity, field force automation, CRM, utility, device security & enhancement apps

Sports, online gaming, table and field gaming apps

and more...

We, Rapidsoft Technologies, are available for hire. You can hire our BlackBerry application programmers on full time, part time and hourly basis. We have designed a flexible range of BlackBerry application development services to meet the demand of clients.

Our services fit the demand of your business, make your enterprise-procedures cost effective, touch the qualitative parameters, and give out high-performance. And it happens in quick turnaround time.

Are you looking for a quote or want to hire our services? Discus your idea with one of our executives.

Our Specialties

  • Several years of experience in building BB apps that fit the requirements of global clients.
  • Streamlined and suitable BB app development services to help clients achieve desired business goals
  • End-to-end exaction of BlackBerry app development process, from conceptualization of idea, to design and deployment.
  • High quality output at greatly reasonable rate.
  • Facility of tracking the project-progress in really time is provided
  • Best of the modes offered for communication.
  • Best of the technical support with every BB app development project.

High level of confidentiality with respect to your idea

Confidentiality is the secret sauce of every mobile app and thus we value your idea more than anything. Considering this we are ready to sign any non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We offer our services as a developer that means the ownership of app's source-code wholly belongs to you.

If you are looking for any sort of consultation, solution, service and product for BlackBerry platforms, contact one of your executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on [email protected]. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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